Bus Routes for Olympia Elementary Schools

The following links will provide specific information about the bus routes planned for students attending each of Olympia's elementary schools. Click the applicable link and get information about the Stop number, location, arrival and departure times in your community.

Olympia North Bus Route

Olympia South Bus Route

Olympia West Bus Route

Overview of Transportation Department

Olympia Transportation Department provides transportation as needed to more than 1,800 students each day. There are 35 busses that are utilized to pick-up and drop-off students at 4 attendance centers in the Olympia School District and 8 out-of-district attendance centers in Central Illinois.    
The Olympia Transportation Garage is located at 907 E. 800 North Road, south of the town of Stanford, Illinois at the Olympia Administration building. Our facilities are efficient and capable of supporting the following:
  • Most school busses are equipped with an onboard DVR/VCR type camera. Tapes can be reviewed at the Director of Transportation's office.
  • Ability to support busses and onsite parking for staff and drivers.
  • Full repair facilities, including lifts, power washers, parts washer for regular maintenance and light repair of all Olympia District busses and support vehicles.
  • Driver support facility with meeting areas and a meeting room.
  • New computerized routing software

Student Transportation Statistics

Year 14-15

Year 15-16

Year 16-17

 Number of Students per day




 Number of Busses and Support Vehicles




 Miles traveled during school year




 Cost of Transportation per mile



Olympia Shuttle Bus Stops



ARMINGTON- Corner of 3rd Street and Maple Street.

ATLANTA- Olympia South Elementary School.

DANVERS- Intersection of Rt.#122 and Townline. (Iutzi’s Corner)
Olympia North Elementary School.

HOPEDALE- Main Street and Railroad Street. (Village Hall)
Tremont Street and Park Street.

MCLEAN- Intersection of County Road 44 and North Sunset Street
Corner of N. West Street and West Morgan Street.

MINIER- Corner of St. Louis Street and Minier Ave
Corner of Peoria Street and Minier Ave.

STANFORD- Corner of North Division Street and School Street
Corner of North Division Street and West Main Street.

WAYNESVILLE- Corner of North Street and North Main Street
Corner of Maltby Street and Second Street.

Up-dated: August 2, 2011