OHS Celebrates Pi Day
OHS Celebrates Pi Day
Posted on 03/14/2017
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Happy Pi Day from the Mathematicians at Olympia High School

3.14 (March 14th, 2017)

 To celebrate PI day, Mrs. Bowers’ CAT 2 student brought in pies and round treats today.   We are currently studying1 the Unit Circle and exploring Trigonometric Ratios and Functions.  This is one of the most challenging chapters for students as we begin to use π (radians).  Students played Kahoot using the IPADs to convert from degrees to radians as well as evaluated trigonometric functions while enj4oying their tasty treats.
In STEM geometry, students also brought in round treats to celebrate PI day.  In STEM geometry, students worked together to measure the circumference and area of 2cookies, pies and mini cheesecakes.  Currently students in STEM Geometry are working on Triangle Congruence with our unit test tomorrow.  The students said today things were “coming around for them”.