Thanksgiving STEM Challenges at South
Thanksgiving STEM Challenges at South
Posted on 12/02/2016
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First graders at Oly South participated in three STEM challenges in the month of November.  The thanksgiving related challenges encouraged the students to think outside of the box and use critical thinking skills to build three different objects.


The first challenge that the students took part in was to build a Mayflower ship that would hold the most checkers.  The students were given aluminum foil, Styrofoam cups, and tape.  Once the students built their vessels, we tested each one in a tub of water.  One student in Mrs. Gray’s class, Auggie W., built a ship that could hold 400 checkers!  While using a simple design, Auggie focused on putting the checkers in the boat in a balanced method.  Great job!


The second challenge had the students in partners.  Each pair was given dominoes and popsicle sticks.  Their goal was to build a sturdy Thanksgiving table that would hold all of their dishes without any overlapping or hanging off the edge.  Although the students were not able to take the “dishes” to their seats beforehand, many found ways to measure the dishes to get a better idea of the space needed.


The final challenge had the students trying to hide Thanksgiving turkeys from the farmer and save them!  The students were given a variety of materials including tens and hundreds blocks, legos, snap cubs, and unifix cubes to build a hideout.  This proved to be the toughest challenge of the three for the students to ration their supplies and build an appropriate sized hideout. 


The students had a great time with these challenges.  First grader Ben S. said his favorite was the Mayflower build because he likes ships.  Kolbi V. also liked the Mayflower because you got to test them in water.  Reid D. like the turkey hideout best because it was the most fun!


We are excited to see what challenges we can attempt in December!