Pumpkin Day With Oly North Kindergarten
Pumpkin Day With Oly North Kindergarten
Posted on 10/31/2016
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Olympia North Kindergarteners celebrated fall with Pumpkin Day!  Students started their activities decorating and eating a pumpkin shaped cookie.  They went on a school scavenger hunt following clues.  Kindergarteners made pumpkin art combining yellow and red paint.  They completed STEM activities by creating towers from toothpicks and candy pumpkins.  They also tried to balance a small toy pumpkin on a popsicle stick and compared how a pumpkin traveled vs other fall items.  Students predicted if they thought a pumpkin would sink or float and they estimated how long a string would need to be to go around the circumference of a pumpkin.  They tested both aspects and recorded their findings.

What a great Pumpkin Day!  Thanks to all parents who helped prepare and execute this learning experience for our classes!

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