Outlook Web app (OWA)

Outlook Web app (OWA)
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Navigation bar

On right: Mail, Calendar, People, Tasks -- <name> Sign out, Settings, ? (Help)

Mail tab

New mail - Click the plus sign in a circle in the upper left.

Folders – Right-click Inbox or a sub-folder on left and select Create new folder. Name it.

Search Window - Type what it is you want to search for here, such as the name of a person you want to find messages from, or text that you want to search for to find a particular message.

Sort - Items by Date drop down menu

Filter - All, Unread, To me, Flagged


Favorites – right-click on a folder and choose Add to Favorites


More Actions menu

Click on email in list and look to upper right:

  • Delete
  • Categorize
  • Mark as junk
  • Open in Separate window
  • Print
  • Create rule…
  • View message details