3rd Grade is Making Connections in Reading
3rd Grade is Making Connections in Reading
Posted on 09/13/2016
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We are learning about making connections in reading.  The first connection is Text to Self.  You make a Text to Self connection by reading a book, any book really.   So have you picked out your book.  Yes?  Now compare the book to your life.   Here is an example, let’s say your book is Two Bad Ants.  These ants are mischievous, and if you have been mischievous too then you can make connections to this book.  Making connections helps us better understand what we are reading.

The next connection is Text to Text.  In this connection you are trying to make connections between two stories that you have read.  In the books, My Rotten Redheaded Older Brother and  The Pain and the Great One,  the brothers are both similar.  They tease their sisters and get into arguments.  Our read aloud book in class also connects to these two books.  It is called Snot Stew.  The two cats are brother and sister.  They fight and argue all the time.  Making connections between books, helps us with our understanding of the stories.

The final connection is Text to World.  These stories are usually informational texts or non-fiction stories.  In these stories you might learn about a real-life event, something on the news, or something that happened in history.  We read The Wall, which is about the Vietnam Memorial in Washington D.C.  Several of my classmates know someone who has served in the Army or Air Force.  They had a lot of Text to World connections.

We hope you have learned a little bit more about making connections when you read.