CEO Class of 2017
CEO Class of 2017
Posted on 09/09/2016
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The CEO Class of 2017 is off and running full force into the business world. The students spent the first two days learning the expectations of the class and team building with one another. What a great way to get the nervous energy out and start learning important aspects of business like shaking hands, making eye contact and networking.

Students are also starting on their first business. They are working on their lanyard business. They have to come up with a way of identifying themselves as CEO students. This will allow guests speakers and business owners to learn their names.  At the same time they have no money and need to bring in as much income as possible to help launch their group business later on this year. What a neat challenge to see them start to work through.

Students pictured from Olympia: (starting on the left) Top Left– Alex Weber, 2nd Row, 2nd student – Bond Robertson