Five Learner Characteristics to Guide Student Learning at OHS
Five Learner Characteristics to Guide Student Learning at OHS
Posted on 08/29/2016
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On Wednesday, August 17, Olympia High School opened its doors to our students.  Our staff has been busy working to make sure that we are meeting the needs of all of our students.  One specific way that we have been working this year is by the use of the five learner characteristics that have been created for all students in the Olympia district.  Each of these attributes is necessary for success among all of our students:






The use of these five characteristics will be embedded in a lot of the work we are currently doing at OHS.

Here are the various “I CAN” statements associated with each category – many teachers are using these to guide the learners in their classroom:


I can treat others with kindness.

I can follow rules.

I can show compassion and empathy.



I complete my assignments in a timely manner.

I can follow directions the first time.

I am prepared for learning.

I am on time.

I take initiative.

I use feedback to improve my learning.



I never give up.

I do my best.

I overcome adversity.

I can face all challenges with confidence.



I can ask for help when needed.

I use mistakes to help me learn.

I can seek resources to enhance my learning.

I challenge myself and take risks.

I can take ownership of my own learning.



I can work in a team with others.

I can communicate with others to solve problems.

I can encourage others to fulfill their potential.