North 2nd Graders Learn About the Brain
North 2nd Graders Learn About the Brain
Posted on 08/26/2016
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By Kyra H. and Kamryn R. and 2nd grade at Olympia North

We were learning about the brain and how when we learn something new neurons connect. We made brains with pull apart Twizzlers, Fruit Roll Ups, and Twizzler bites. The Twizzler bites were our neurons and the strings from the pull apart Twizzlers were the connectors, or electricity when they connect and we learn something new. The fruit roll up was sometime people’s brain stem which is in the back of your brain. But for ours we did it so the electricity was through the Fruit Roll Up. We learned about the brain because we watched a video about Mojo (on Class Dojo) and learned about how he made mistakes and he just did it again and tried again until he got it right. We learned when we make mistakes, we never give up because it makes our brain stronger. This is called having a Growth Mindset.
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