Students Recognized at IPA Luncheon
Students Recognized at IPA Luncheon
Posted on 04/07/2016
This is the image for the news article titled Students Recognized at IPA LuncheonThe Illinois Principals Association held a student recognition at Illinois State University to recognize area students who display commendable accomplishments.  The Olympia District had ten students recognized at this event.  Below are the words that each Principal shared about the students they honored:

Olympia South Elementary
Paige Finchum

Paige is an outstanding student within our fifth grade.  The first tremendous characteristic that comes to mind is her work ethic.  She puts her best effort into all academic tasks, big or  small.  She wants to be seen as a leader in the school by volunteering to do many jobs that others would not care or notice to do.  When she has finished the job she has taken on, she is the first to ask if there is anything else she can do to help.  She supports her school and community by participating in a variety of athletic and academic activities, including student council, crossing guard, and science fair.  She cares for the people around her by offering support academically and socially. People want to work with Paige because she helps them to feel included and needed.  We chose Paige for this honor because of her  tremendous attributes and choices, and we know we can count on her.pic 1

Andrew Carroll

Andrew has blossomed this year!  His personal growth has been a joy to witness.  Academically, he is at the top of his class.  He experiences success through his hard working habits and personally chooses to push beyond the required expectations.  Students and adults enjoy his witty sense of humor.  His bright personality draws people to him especially when they are seeking guidance and true friendship.  He is a leader because of the choices he models to his classmates on a daily basis.  You know that you can count on him.  He is involved in community activities.  Other activities include a student council representatives, being a bus buddy, participating in our intermediate grade garden club along with mentoring and assisting the primary students within our building.  Andrew’s incredible qualities stand out among our fifth grade students.

Olympia North Elementary School

Luke Piper

Luke’s natural talent in academics combined with his incredible work ethic make him an ideal recipient for this award.  He loves the most rigorous math curriculum, rising to the challenge of solving complex problems.  He is also a member of the Olympia North Student Council. Luke is very goal driven, both inside and out of class.  He is heavily involved in a travel hockey program and dedicates a large amount of time to enhancing his skills and working with his team.  Further exemplifying his leadership is the positive example he sets for his two younger brothers.  Despite his heavy schedule, Luke goes above and beyond what is required of him with his school work. He is super respectful and is intentional about assisting teachers and other students as well. Luke is the top reader in his class, with well above 2 million words read this year. Congratulations, Luke!

pic 2

Kaylee Rinkenberger

Kaylee is kind, friendly, a great listener and demonstrates the ability to make friends with students of different backgrounds and personalities. She leads by example at school and home, garnering much respect from her classmates as well as her younger brother. The level of leadership displayed by Kaylee is impressive.  She is extremely respectful and goes out of her way to help students and teachers. Kaylee is a voracious reader and just reached the mark of 2 million words read for this school year. In addition to her love of reading, Kaylee’s work ethic and problem solving abilities make math a strong subject for her. Kaylee makes everyone around her better and it has been a joy for her to be part of our school family. Congratulations, Kaylee!

Olympia West Elementary School

Kailey Carton

Kailey exhibits a positive attitude at school and is well liked amongst her peers. She is always willing to participate in classroom activities. Her positive attitude is demonstrated in her ability to motivate her peers. Kailey is a positive influence to all students and is a leader in her classroom.

Jackson Birkey

Jackson is a very respectful student. He is respectful to his peers and to adults at school. He is a hard working student, always has his homework completed and turned in on time, and follows directions. He also has a very caring personality.

Olympia Middle School

Jon Neville

Jon Neville has a smile and optimistic attitude that permeates any room he enters. His academic and extra-curricular achievements are based on his motivation to make each moment better than the last. His enthusiastic thirst for information is refreshing and his insightful contributions in class are enlightening. His generosity knows no boundaries or limits in and out of the classroom.

Grace Melick
Grace Melick does not settle.  She works to get the most out of each learning opportunity presented. She does this for a chance to learn as much as she can in a motivated attempt to reach her highest potential. Grace finds a delicate balance between being an academic achiever and a selfless friend and peer among her classmates. She does it all with an element of "grace".

Olympia High School
Isabelle Martin

Isabelle Martin or “Ellie” is also a senior at Olympia High School.  Ellie has a 4.00 grade point average out of 4.00.  She is active in National Honor Society, Madrigals, Spring Musical, Golf, Key Club, Yearbook, and Bank Board.  Ellie was selected because she represents an Olympia student who devotes much of her time to selfless acts for others as well as maintains excellence in and out of the classroom.pic 3

Karl Fasse

Karl Fasse is a senior at Olympia High School. He currently has a 4.035 grade point average out of 4.00.  Karl is active in FFA, National Honor Society, Bank Board, Basketball, and Baseball.  Karl was selected because he represents an Olympia student with a strong work ethic and high integrity – we believe he models what we want all students of Olympia to aspire to model!