Lincoln Field Trip For North 5th Graders
Lincoln Field Trip For North 5th Graders
Posted on 03/08/2016
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Last Friday, the 5th grade went to Springfield, IL. We went to the Lincoln Museum, Capitol Building, Representative Sommer’s office, and Lincoln’s tomb.  Our first stop was to the Lincoln Museum. We watched “Lincoln’s Eyes” first.  In this show, they talked about how Lincoln’s eyes showed his emotion throughout his life.   In the museum, you could go through his cabin where he lived when he was younger, and there was a creepy hand hanging from the loft. While we were at the museum, the 4 millionth customer came in, and many balloons dropped from the ceiling.

          After the museum, we went to the Representative Sommer’s office to eat lunch, we had pizza. Mr. Sommer bought us the pizza. Then, he took us on a tour of the Capitol Building.

          Our last stop was at Lincoln’s tomb. We took a tour through the tomb. Abraham Lincoln was in the same room with his family, but his family was in the wall while he was 6ft underground.

          That was our 5th grade field trip to Springfield, IL 2016! The field trip to the Lincoln museum, Representative Sommer’s Office, the Capitol building, and Lincoln’s tomb. It was a blast! 
by Andria and Camdyn, 5th grade


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