Olympia Takes on Springfield
Olympia Takes on Springfield
Posted on 12/18/2015
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By Katie Bergeron, OHS Torch Reporter

On Friday November 20th the American Law/Government and Contemporary History took a field trip to Springfield; while there they visited the old capital building and the new one.

History Teacher Mike Haak said, “I was very impressed by the students, they all participated and were respectful. It tickled me pink! Also Representative Keith Summers was very amazed by everyone.”

The classes went to the old capital first to see where people like Abe Lincoln used to work. After that they went to the new capital and toured it.

The students ended up climbing over 200 steps that day. They got to see the State Representative room, Senate room, and the old Supreme Court room.

That concluded their tour of the new capitol building. They meet representative Keith Sommers and he talked to them more in depth of the history of the building.

After learning and seeing all that the new capitol building had to offer, the classes went back to the State Representative room and held a mock meeting. The students assumed the name and role of actual representatives and passed a bill.  

Watch a video of the Mock Meeting here.

After the students agreed on an amended bill and passed it, Keith Sommers invited the classes to his office for lunch. He provided Little Caesar's pizza and water for the students and teachers.

Senior Elaina Needles said, “It was actually really fun, and a lot of people were involved in the debate. Mr. Keith Sommers was awesome by buying all of us pizza!”